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87 Section 8 Housings
2 Housing Authorities
18 Low Income Housing Properties

Provo Section 8 Housing: Section 8 Housing units are federally assisted rental housing properties that enable families to get deeply discounted, subsidized housing below current fair market rental pricing. There are 87 available in Provo, UT.

Provo Low Income Housing: Low Income Housing properties are units that provide tax benefits to their owners for making them available as affordable housing units for low income families and individuals. Currently, Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties makes up almost 90% of low income housing availability in the United States. There are 18 available in Provo, UT.

Provo Public Housing: Public housing units are owned and operated by a government authority and offer affordable housing to individuals and families who meet the income elegibility requirements. Currently, there are 68 available in Provo, UT.

Housing Authorities serving Utah: The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8 provides tenant-based rental assistance. The vouchers act as cash that qualifying persons can use toward any privately owned residence that accepts vouchers for a portion of rent. Local Housing Authorities oversee the distribution of these vouchers. Tenants are typically expected to pay up to 30% of their income for housing with the rest being covered by the voucher and current Fair Market Rent. There are 2 Housing Authorities Servicing 248 total units providing these programs in Utah, UT.

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Provo, UT Area Information

Most people are familiar with Utah's capital, Salt Lake City. However, just south is Provo, named after Etienne Provost, a French-Canadian trapper, and on land previously belonging to the Shoshoni and Ute Native American tribes. In 1849, Mormon settlers took over, and it remains a city rooted in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) to this day. Employment Of the 110,000 people living in Provo, over 3,000 work for a smart home security system company called Vivint. Other large employers in the city include APX Group, a company in the technology industry, and Nu Skin Enterprises, a multilevel marketing business selling dietary supplements and skin care products. Education and Culture Despite being much smaller than Salt Lake City, Provo has a wealth of educational and cultural institutions. The city is home to one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in the country, Brigham Young University, founded in 1875. The student body is predominantly Mormon, but the university website says it is open to all students, regardless of religious affiliation. Provo is also home to the Utah Valley Symphony, a self-sustaining orchestra that welcomes all musicians in the area who want to share their talent with the community. The Symphony's primary goal is to offer music education to its audience while nurturing the careers of local budding, young musicians. Provo is important to the Mormon church as well. The Provo Utah Temple is one of the state's busiest LDS temples. The modern building, designed with a single spire, is located just down the road from the Provo Missionary Training Center, where hundreds of new LDS missionary students come to train every week. Fun Activities Utah is known for its scenic mountain ranges and stunning nature preserves, and in Provo, people often visit Utah Lake with its snow-cap mountains in the backdrop. They also take a zipline tour at Provo Canyon Adventures or try some indoor surfing at Provo Beach, an amusement center with an arcade. On a hot day, some visit Seven Peaks Water Park, a 26-acre summer amusement park with waterslides, pool cabanas, a wave pool, and a lazy river. Like most attractions in Utah, everything is family-friendly. Transportation Most people in Provo commute locally using the FrontRunner rail train. You can also take the FrontRunner to Salt Lake City and Ogden using the northern station. The Provo Municipal Airport offers short flights to major cities in Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson, as well as Los Angeles. Local radio polls rank Provo and its neighboring Orem among the safest cities in the United States. It's also home to Edgemont School and Rock Canyon School, both ranking high in quality of education and equity. Overall, Provo is a culturally rich, diverse city with a lower than average cost of living and notably low crime rates.