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Low Income Housing

Learn how to find, apply for, and move into low-inome housing in your area. Low income housing includes public housing, section 8 housing, and other programs.

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Public Housing

The federal housing administration offers many programs that help first-time homebuyers secure financing for their dream home. Learn more here.

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Rental Assistance Programs

Learn about federal, state, and local rental assistance programs that can help you secure a home today. Rent, downpayment-programs and more are available.

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Find Low Income Housing And Section 8 Apartments

Affordable Housing Hub has the largest selection of low income housing and section 8 apartments nationwide. Find low income apartments near you by using our simple search tool.
Affordable housing listings include Public Housing Buildings, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Listings, apartments that accept Section 8 Choice Housing Vouchers, and more.

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Applying For Low Income Housing

Finding affordable housing can be hard when you have a limited income. Several federal public housing programs help needy families with rent. Public housing and the Housing Choice Voucher program or Section 8 are the primary ones. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) oversees both. These two programs operate differently and have different features. Before you apply for either of them, you should understand the differences so you can make the best choice for your family.